AlvinLabs is a Technology Service Provider offering a broad range of flexible services. We are in the forefront of innovation and technology taking ideas and helping companies realise them into great products.

No matter if you are a Start-Up or a Fortune 500, we can help you design, engineer , manufacture and distribute your product worldwide.

Our core management team has many years of experience working together, defining the company’s direction, and providing quality services worldwide.

Idea Accelerator
Product Design and Engineering
Manufacturing Solutions
Product Distribution


AlvinLabs has developed a professional work environment by developing alliances with many manufacturers and other service organizations, thus enabling us to offer our clients the best solutions and services available at an affordable cost. AlvinLabs works hand-in-hand with these companies to provide the following services:


  • Evaluation and recommendation of the latest technology
  • Idea Incubator with access to a network of investors, dedicated engineers. We mentor you through the tech sector.
  • Access to our manufacturing partners in China
  • We help with distribution and supply chains as well as project management
  • Providing parts inventory management services
  • Development and implementation for system upgrading and conversion programs
  • Hardware support services for a diverse range of computer and operating systems
  • 24/7/365 service support
  • Full service integration including both testing and burn-in

Technology changes rapidly and today’s marketplace requires realistic solutions in order to provide customers with the best possible resolution for their specific and individual needs. We help you from the beginning, bring your ideas to real life products that can make a difference to your client base.

  • “AlvinLabs have been a key partner in our project, without them we doubt we would have been able to get our devices working to the high standards we were expecting as well as to reach the market on time.”

    - Eduardo Mira, COO of Hoolux -


Alvin Labs has the experience and technical expertise to provide you with the right solutions tailored to fit your specific technology requirements.


Idea Incubator

We mentor you and put at your disposal our engineer expertise. From idea, to design, demo, and production.


Depot Repair Services

Our certified technicians are well trained in computer hardware and printer repair and are known for quality workmanship and quick turn-around times.


Warranty Services

To reduce costs and increase customer service levels OEMs and Resellers look to Alvin Labs to provide reliable, comprehensive warranty service solutions.



We have a network of partners in China that can offer a wide range of manufacturing solution in the tech sector. We follow high manufacturing standards ensuring quality and support as well as continuous management of production and supply.


Hardware Maintenance

We have developed a variety of support packages tailored to varying customer requirements.


Installation Services

Installing new solutions in a complex hardware and software environment can be a challenge. You need to stay within budget and timelines — and be sure the solution delivers the results that you want.


Professional Services

Fully integrated project management from concept to reality.


Integration Services

Our integration services include everything from the initial build, set-up and burn-in, to onsite installation services.


Logistics Services

Reduce parts and warehouse costs in any area dealing with parts inventory storage, tracking, delivery, and consumption with AlvinLabs logistics services.

  • “We had a very risky and aggressive launch of our kiosk network in Europe. AlvinLabs run everything smoothly from manufacturing to distribution and installation. We are here today thanks to their great expertise and management”

    - Brian Doran, CEO of DigitalRetail -

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